Update for 2017 Edinburgh Tattoo Clan Night

Dear Members,

We have been told by the organisers of the Tattoo that all clans are restricted to 50 people to march behind their clan chief.  They are requesting that anyone with mobility issues does not volunteer and all marchers must wear an item of tartan.

Whilst not everyone wants to march most people do; as we have over 125 people attending this causes a problem.  The matter will be discussed at our upcoming committee meeting.  As requested we have notified the organisers that we would like to have more than 50 people but they are unable to give us a decision at this time.  With at least two clans every night it means that there will actually be 100 marching each night.  We presume that the restriction is in part so that people can swiftly get to their seats once they have arrived in the arena.

Whilst the Tattoo has been held for many years, it is the first time that the clans have been invited to be involved so things are evolving as time goes on.

We will update you as we receive further information.

Kind regards,

The CMS Committee

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