Trip to the Clan Mackenzie Society of Germany Gathering

On the weekend of the 14th and 15th of May 2016, in Schleswig, Northern Germany, the Clan MacKenzie Society of Germany are hosting a Highland Gathering.

Myself, Donald MacKenzie, and my wife Margot MacKenzie from Dunfermline, Fife, both UK Clan Society members, are going to be attending the event and meeting and spending time with our German cousins, many of whom we met at the 2015 Clan Gathering.

We are travelling by air to Hamburg from Edinburgh with Easyjet on the 12th of May. Staying in Hamburg for one night and then travelling north to Schleswig on the 13th where we are staying for 3 nights before returning to Hamburg to fly back to Edinburgh on the 16th.

It would be fantastic if other MacKenzie Clan Members wanted to join us on this trip.

Although, as many of you know, I operate a tour business called Clan MacKenzie Routes ( this is neither one of my scheduled tours nor an official tour of the Clan MacKenzie Society, so getting to and from Schleswig and booking accommodation is your own responsibility. I am happy to provide information and any help and can be contacted by email at

Suggestions for travel
• Direct flights are available to Hamburg from the UK
• Self-drive: Travel by Ferry to Amsterdam (shortest drive in Germany). Ferry to Belgium, France or Channel Tunnel crossing (long drive)
• Hamburg to Schleswig: Hire a car (2 hour drive), By train (2 hour journey)

If people want to go and let me know it might be possible to pair people to share a car booking to reduce costs.

We booked our hotels through and got good deals for our stay. Again if you wish advice, please let me know and I can also contact our friends in Germany.

If you want any further information about the event etc. please get in touch at the above email address and I will help as much as I can or put you in touch with others who can also help.

It would be great to see some of you there.
Tulach Ard
Le durachdan

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