Remembering Mrs. Anthoussa Constantinidis known in Scotland as Heather Mackenzie

Recently I have learned of the death of a benefactor of the Clan Mackenzie Society, Anthoussa Constantinidis (Heather Mackenzie as she wished to be known in Scotland) I understood she even felt she should ask our Clan Chief if he objected to her calling herself Mackenzie – one does not often find such respect, a very thoughtful lady. I believe Heather spent some of her working life in Edinburgh and there she gained a strong affinity with Scotland and in particular her love of the Mackenzie Clan and Society. I hope we lived up to her love of us.

Heather became very friendly with the late Brian and Rosemary Usill and strangely, we now learn that Heather and Brian both died within a month of each other. Heather first met Brian Usill when she became a life member of the Society, he was then Membership Secretary, and together with Brian’s wife came to the various Gatherings, they were obviously good friends, soul mates really I always thought. I well remember Heather at the 2010 Gathering in Strathpeffer, she seemed to enjoy the company of members from abroad and drew much pleasure from all the various events, she made us feel our efforts were worthwhile and was always more than keen to offer funds to the Society. The last time I saw Heather was at the 2013 AGM when we organised a visit to Hatton Castle, attached is a photo of Heather (far left) with the rest of us by the coach. I felt that Heather appreciated the unusual jaunts which the Society organised and the friendship of members.

Speaking with Heather, prior to dinner at the 2013 AGM, I asked her what she did with her time, she said although she lived in Belgium she was often in England voluntarily working for the National Trust, the only drawback was, it was expensive with accommodation and travelling but she much enjoyed acting as a guide. I would say Heather was a very unassuming, interesting and unusual lady and the Society has lost a very loyal supporter.

With good memories of Heather
Susan Weinmann

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