The Last Jacobite Martyr


Little has been written about Doctor Archie for his story is a peaceable one up to and throughout the 1745 Rising but it was after the battle and the following terrible summer of retribution that he took on a totally different existence and, in effect, became a spy for the Jacobite’s.

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The author has wondered what prompted this essentially peace loving man of healing who was emphatically so opposed, initially, to the idea of a further uprising, to change his mind – was it, perhaps, that he felt he was the only suitable person to return to the Highland to retrieve portions of that belated French gold, known to history as ‘the Loch Arkaig treasure’ which only he and two others knew the whereabouts, to help his beloved brother and his family.  But for his unique part in the whole period of this last Jacobite Rising she thinks he richly deserves to be remembered as the Last Jacobite Martyr.

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