Sonia Mackenzie’s Gruinard Sheet


A Special Edition of Sheet 12 from the Findon Tables!


The Findon Tables were published by Major James D. Mackenzie of Findon in 1879. Much of the research being carried out by his brother Lewis Mark Mackenzie nearly thirty years earlier who died early in life.  Major Mackenzie took it upon himself to complete most of the work and present the mass of information in the form of “Family Trees,” or “Tables,” showing the origin of different branches, their progression and relation to each other.

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Years of painstaking research by Sonia Mackenzie have resulted in this substantially enlarged and updated “Special Edition” of Sheet 12 of the original Findon Tables – with particular focus on descendants of John 1st of Gruinard – thus bringing the gap between 1879 and the present generations and providing an invaluable resource for anyone embarking on deeper research into this branch of the Clan Mackenzie.

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