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The Findon Tables were published by Major James D. Mackenzie of Findon in 1879. Much of the research being carried out by his brother Lewis Mark Mackenzie nearly thirty years earlier who died early in life.  Major Mackenzie took it upon himself to complete most of the work and present the mass of information in the form of “Family Trees,” or “Tables,” showing the origin of different branches, their progression and relation to each other.

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  • Sheet 1 (size A0)

General Genealogical Tree of the Clan Mackenzie and its Cadets.


The first sheet begins with “John de Comyn (red), Lord of Badenoch, d. 1273”, “King John of England”, “Colin or Cailean, the ‘Gerald’ of tradition, or of early Celtic or Irish Derivation” (the earliest direct male ancestor of the Mackenzie line, in the tables), “Sommerled, Thane of Ergadia, slain 1164”, “David I, King of Scotland” and “King Olaus IV, or Olave, ‘The Red,’ King of Man”. The original tables follow the lineages of the main branches and cadet families up to circa 1878.

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