Full membership is open equally:- (a) to anyone bearing one of the surnames either of the Clan or of the Septs; (b) to relatives thereof; (c) to people sympathetic with the Clan Mackenzie Society’s aims and activities and interested in the history of this famous Clan. Overseas members welcome.

Members benefit from:

  • A membership card
  • An annual magazine
  • Plus the possibility of discounts on certain events held during the year
  • Discounts on certain items for sale
  • 5 yearly International Gathering in the Scottish Highlands
  • Annual AGM weekend
  • Access to help with non-professional genealogy

If you are planning to join the Society and your surname is not a Mackenzie or Mackenzie sept name we would love to hear from you as to your reasons for joining the Society. We would be grateful if you would share your reasons with us on the information page as you go through the joining process.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. By applying to become a member of the Clan Mackenzie Society of Scotland and the UK (CMSSUK) you agree to accept and conform to the rules and regulations as laid out in the constitution of the CMSSUK, commit yourself to its aims and purposes and undertake to promote its work.

2. You also confirm that you are eligible to be a member of the CMSSUK under our membership criteria in the constitution.

3. The acceptance of your membership application is subject to confirmation by the committee. Your membership is confirmed if you are not informed otherwise by the Society.

4. By supplying personal data to register as a member you agree that the CMSSUK may contact you using any of the data supplied. (see our separate Privacy Policy)

5. We will not share your details with anyone outside the CMSSUK.

Cost of Membership

UK MembershipsEurope MembershipsWorld Memberships
1 Year Membership£22£24£26
1 Year Joint Membership£29£31£34
3 Year Membership£43£45£48
3 Year Joint Membership£61£63£66
5 Year Membership£69£70£70
5 Year Joint Membership£96£98£98
Under 18s Membership£25£25£25

Please be aware that the variation in membership prices below Europe and World members is to cover the increased cost of postage when sending physical membership items to you.

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