Constitution of the Clan Mackenzie Society

26th February 1993.

26th February 1993 Revised: 6th June 1993, 7th August 1993, 22nd May 1994, 10th July 1994, 13th August 2004, 6th October 2008, 20 July 2014, 2 September 2018


The Society shall be called THE CLAN MACKENZIE SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND AND THE UK, the Official Society of Scotland and the United Kingdom as recognised by the CLAN CHIEF, the Earl of Cromartie. It shall be non-sectarian and non-political.


The spiritual headquarters of the Society shall be at Castle Leod, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, Scotland.


The Clan Mackenzie Society exists to encourage friendship across the UK between families and individuals who have the surname Mackenzie; have an associated family name; are of Mackenzie descent; or are interested in Clan Mackenzie. Our Clan enjoys a rich history and we encourage members to find out more about this through educational opportunities. We will work towards the preservation and promotion of our history and heritage in order to leave our children a meaningful legacy. We extend the hand of friendship to Clan members and Clan Mackenzie Societies across the globe.


The Membership Year commences on the date of joining. Life Members shall be admitted on payment of £400. Ordinary Members shall be admitted on payment of £22 annually. Such fees shall be subject to revision by the Society at the Annual General Meeting. Ordinary Members in arrears with their subscriptions shall after, six weeks’ notice being given in writing by the secretary, be removed from the roll.


The funds of the Society shall be invested in the name of the Society. All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other Member of the Committee. Proper books of accounts shall be kept and these shall be submitted annually to an accountant who shall certify them as correct and true.


In order to carry out the objects of the Society, a separate Benevolent Fund may be instituted if the Society in General Meeting also determines. The Members shall in General Meeting also determine the sums that shall be lodged in this Fund and shall appoint a Sub-Committee to administer the Fund and to be responsible to the Members for decisions concerning applications for relief. All applications for relief must be seconded by a member of the Clergy or by a Justice of the Peace or by a Committee Member.


7.1 The management of the Society shall be vested in a Committee which shall comprise

  1. the Clan Chief ex officio
  2. up to twelve Committee Members including Officers

7.2 The Officers of the Society shall comprise of a minimum of

  1. A President
  2. A Chairman
  3. A Secretary
  4. A Treasurer

7.3 The Officers of the Society and the other Committee Members shall be individually elected by the Members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting or at any Special General Meeting requisitioned for this purpose.

7.4 The President and the Chairman should not normally hold the same office for more than three consecutive years.

7.5 If an elected Officer ceases to hold office for whatever reason the Committee shall have power to appoint a successor to act until the next Annual General Meeting.

7.6 The Committee shall have power to co-opt additional Committee Members provided that the total number of Committee Members other than the Clan Chief does not exceed twelve.

7.7 The office of President shall be non-executive, though this should not preclude him or her from undertaking specific executive duties. The President shall preside over the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings and shall be

responsible for an overview of the Society’s activities. In his or her absence the Chairman shall preside over General Meetings.

7.8 The Chairman shall be the chief executive officer of the Society, shall prepare a Report on the activities of the Society for the Annual General Meeting and shall chair meetings of the Committee. In the Chairman’s absence the Committee shall be chaired by the President or a nominated Committee Member.

7.9 The Committee shall have power (subject to any resolutions of the Society made at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General meeting) to deal with all matters affecting the Society and its membership, including, without limitation, the

recording, recruitment and retention of members, publicity, fund raising, social events, approval of geographical area supporter groups, the Journal referred to in clause 10, the study of Clan history and genealogy, and the organisation of the Clan Mackenzie International Gathering. Pursuant to this it may make such appointments, whether of members or otherwise, and establish such sub-committees as it shall think fit.

7.10 The Society in General Meeting may as a mark of its esteem from time elect as Honorary Vice-Presidents members of the Society who have rendered distinguished service to the Society. Such Honorary Vice-Presidents may be re-elected at the

Annual General Meeting without limitation of time and shall be eligible for election as Officers or as other Committee Members.


The Committee shall meet as often as may be deemed necessary. Special meetings of the Committee may be called without the normal seven days’ notice being given, if the Executive Chairman and two Committee Members deem it necessary. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting each year in August (or at another time as is convenient) for the purpose of electing Officers, Committee Members and Accountants, for considering reports of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and for the transacting of any other competent business. The Financial Year shall be from the First of April until the 31st of March of the following year. A special General Meeting of the Members may be called on the requisition of the President or on written request of ten Members being duly made to the Secretary. The Officers and Committee Members shall arrange such other meetings of the Members as are deemed necessary to carry out the Society’s objectives. The Quorum for an Annual or Special General Meeting shall be 5 Members present. The Quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be one third of the elected Committee membership attending in real time.


The Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the Society and make all disbursements due by the Society. He/she shall keep proper books of account and these shall be laid before each meeting of the Committee. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Annual General Meeting a statement of their intromissions for the appropriate financial year. This statement shall be duly certified before submission. The Secretary shall convene and keep a record of all the proceedings of the ordinary and special meetings and carry out the general correspondence of the Society and do all other necessary secretarial services in the interests of the Society.


The Society will publish annually a JOURNAL and reports of the Society activities together with any matters of interest relating to the Society or to its Members.


No alteration or addition to these Rules may be made unless proposed at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting and adopted by two thirds of the Members there present. Any alteration or addition shall be notified in writing to the Secretary who shall cause it to be notified to all Members three weeks before the due date of the Meeting.